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In the privacy of her own room, Amelie has always been a keen music listener and DJ. However, this year she began to organize weekly swing dance parties in Kraków, and there she has been able to put her music knowledge to practice, and develop her DJ skills live. Each week she enjoys building up her repertoire, exploring and adapting to different genres, additionally she has been invited to DJ at Kraków's international events and recently was a finalist at Lindy Hop Non Stop's DJ Battle.
As all DJs, she is happy to be able to share the music she loves, but if she can make people dance this makes her even happier.


Welcome to Hell!
Welcome to Hell!14 Jul 2017

This year we have something special for y'all - Kazanów Chamber (135 meters underground) in the unique Wieliczka Salt Mine..

It's quite pretty, isn't it? Don't worry we promise this floor will be on fire. Why?

Because you will rock this place hard!




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Registration for Shag on Fire 2017
Registration for Shag on Fire 201713 Jul 2017

The registration for Shag on Fire 2017 starts on Friday 28th July 2017 at 8p.m.(UTC + 01:00) (link will appear on the website - Registration tab). Stay tuned :)

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