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Parties Shag on Fire4 nights of parties (3 in Krakow and 1 in the Wieliczka Salt Mine) with live music and DJs awaits you during this year's Shag on Fire.

The first, opening party will be already on Thursday the 28th of September 2017 at the restaurant Gruszka Nova - Szczepańska Street 1, Kraków.

Friday party will be at the historical main hall of DKK (The culture center of the polish railway situated Saint Filip Street 6, Kraków) which is the venue of some of the Dragon Swing Festival's parties.

Saturday night party will take place 135 meters underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine (Kazanów Chamber).

Sunday party will be held at the restaurant Kolanko Nº 6 - Józefa Street 17, Kraków.


Welcome to Hell!
Welcome to Hell!14 Jul 2017

This year we have something special for y'all - Kazanów Chamber (135 meters underground) in the unique Wieliczka Salt Mine..

It's quite pretty, isn't it? Don't worry we promise this floor will be on fire. Why?

Because you will rock this place hard!




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Registration for Shag on Fire 2017
Registration for Shag on Fire 201713 Jul 2017

The registration for Shag on Fire 2017 starts on Friday 28th July 2017 at 8p.m.(UTC + 01:00) (link will appear on the website - Registration tab). Stay tuned :)

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