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Fancy and PatrickHailing from Los Angeles, California, Fancy is the four-time NJC Shag champ and is known for her unique and elegant style.
Patrick has been at the forefront of Europe’s Shag scene, teaching and promoting Shag in the UK and around Europe and is known for his smooth but dynamic dance style.

Fancy and Patrick have teamed up to share their vast knowledge and get you hooked on their passion for the dance.








Heiko_LarissaHeiko and Larissa are the founders of the Basel Jitterbugs. Together they teach weekly classes and workshops in Lindy Hop, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. They love to combine all of these dances based on the tempo and energy of the music and inspired by original swing dancers from LA. Their Collegiate Shag can be described as smooth and elegant, combined with crazy happiness. They love to play around with different styles and energy levels of Shag. Their teaching is designed with clear structure and a focus on solid technique. They are always seeking for a good and fun class atmosphere where everybody can find motivating challenges. Besides teaching and social dancing they love to show off in competitions and to spread their passion for swing dancing in shows.
Recently they placed in several finals, for example 1st at the RTSF Shag Battle in 2016, 2nd in 2017 and 2nd at the Warsaw Shag Festival Strictly 2017.

When not fine tuning plans to take over the world, Gosia can be found on the dance floors all over Europe ( ...and abroad ) , realising her new projects and creating dance adventures. Gosia found Swing dancing whilst looking for a way to express her love of music and vintage style.
Starting with Tap and Authentic Jazz, she quickly came to discover Lindy Hop, Balboa, St Louis and Collegiate Shag. From these days she has continuously trained, seeking inspiration by traveling around the world.
When teaching Gosia focuses on connection, a strong foundation from which the character of each partner can find expression in individual style.
Lithuanian Elf renowned for his grace and mastery of magic, and weapons such as fast dancing and immortal energy. His dancer's spirit brings other people to fall in love with the whole World of Swing.
Rokas began his adventure in 2011 in Vilnius, the land of the Swing Masters. While being inspired, discovering and training for days and nights under the eye of the best he grown his individual style and is still searching for new projects, ideas and new experiences.
Specialising in all styles from the Jazz era like Authentic Jazz, Balboa, Lindy hop, Tap dance, Collegiate Shag and finally his biggest passion - St Loius Shag, Rokas focuses on the authenticity and technique of each dance and each dancer.
Gosia and Rokas
Their roads crossed for the first time many years ago while taking Tap dance classes. From then on, while constantly dancing and adventuring around the World, their paths met again to combine those two superpowers to Fire up a new project - St Louis Shag Europe!

Sara&PolPol is the founding director of Spank the Baby School in Barcelona. He has taught in different festivals in the UK, Sweden, Portugal and Finland including Stir it, Gnsh and London Swing Festival. He has been finalist in Good Night Sweetheart and Barswingona Jack and Jill competitions and Semifinalist at Frankie ‘ 95 in NY, as well as being a member of the Barcelona Jazz Cats performance troupe. African dance, tap dance, Alexander technique and others have been part of Pol’s interests and is recently fond of acrobatic dance. Co-founder of the BCN SHAG FESTIVAL & Groovin’ & Movin’ Festival

Sara started dancing classical ballet when she was 4. Ballet, contemporary, hip hop…dance has always accompanied Sara. It was not until 2009 that she fortunately discovered lindy hop and has been a passionate dancer and teacher since. Even though she has another profession, she has been spreading lindy hop and shag and acrobatics in other cities in Spain and outside the country in the last 4 years. Co-founder of the BCN SHAG FESTIVAL and Groovin’ & Movin’ Festival and Rock it Weekend, member of the EURO SHAG Team, Member of the jazz steps group: Les Puces together with Lucile Pinteaux.
We have been the first promoters of Collegiate Shag in Spain and organizers of one of the biggest festivals of Collegiate Shag in the world together with Warsaw Shag Festival and Camp Hollywood and Rock that Swing.”

Last Awards:
*2nd place Shag Strictly MBSW 2015
*1st place Showcase Savoy Cup 2016
*2nd place Showcase AM Camp Hollywood 2016
*4th place Shag Strictly Camp Hollywood 2016
*1st place Shag Strictly MBSW 2016 – 1st place J&J Shag MBSW 2016 – Sara
*1st place Shag Battle at Rock that Swing 2017


Welcome to Hell!
Welcome to Hell!14 Jul 2017

This year we have something special for y'all - Kazanów Chamber (135 meters underground) in the unique Wieliczka Salt Mine..

It's quite pretty, isn't it? Don't worry we promise this floor will be on fire. Why?

Because you will rock this place hard!




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Registration for Shag on Fire 2017
Registration for Shag on Fire 201713 Jul 2017

The registration for Shag on Fire 2017 starts on Friday 28th July 2017 at 8p.m.(UTC + 01:00) (link will appear on the website - Registration tab). Stay tuned :)

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